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With only 5 days left til Xmas, Mista Chatman drops dis holiday tune pon ya! Riding the Jamaican “Table fi Turn” xmas riddim, I bring u HOLIDAY SEASON for free mp3 download on Soundcloud.
HOLIDAY SEASON (Table fi Turn riddim) by Mista Chatman
For the wav file, u can download it here:

Seasons Greetings from the one called Chatta Claus!!!


A few months ago, I decided to change my performance name to Mista Chatman from DJ Collage. And as DJ Collage, I was more focused on chatting ragga lyrics over various productions from electronic producers. But after nuff soul searching and conversations with a few close friends, it was revealed that as an artist, I excel more inside the reggae arena. The “Pon Di Version” EP marked my return to recording over straight Dancehall riddims. It was a fun project and currently I am collecting new dancehall riddims for “Pon Di Version#2”. Inna meantime, here’s the first EP for FREE download on Soundcloud. Mista Chatman riding pon top of pure dancehall riddims outta JA!! Go dey….

Pon Di Version by Mista Chatman


Classic HipHop and Raggamuffin unite as Mista Chatman laces Common’s “The Light” instr. with sum lyrics. Reaching out to all “Tru Frens”, download this tune and share it with yours…BLESS



Yush!! Bless Upp fam! Just letting u know that I’ll be heading down to Jamaica next week for a few days of relaxing at the beach and taking in the vibes of the current dancehall trends & soundsystems. Will try and have nuff pics for u to check out. Also, I’m having a sendoff party at JAM JAM 2moro, so if you’re in Seakkle come check us out and Baltic Room- 1207 Pine from 9pm to 2am. Music by Zions Gate Sound longside yours truly (Mista Chatman) pon di mic! So come buy me a drink, shake off mi hand and send mi pon mi wey!! Riiiigght! Likkle more….







Well, I’m back inna Seattle after a brief trip to New York City. And altho the time was short, much was accomplished!! From linking with the current roots reggae nites in lower Manhattan, giving an interview on Subatomic Radio show broadcast on Radio New York 91.5, linking with Bashment/Grime collective NoSleepNYC, performing at Afro Dub Sessions at Rose Live in Brooklyn, to dropping a guest verse on afrobeat singer Wumni’s upcoming release, Mista Chatman’s presence was made known inna Big Apple! I will return again in Janurary, so stay tuned…link up on Facebook for more detailed info…BLESS



Biggup massive!! Come check me out live & direct in Williamsburg this Saturday at AFRO-DUB SESSIONS #10 Halloween Bash w/Emch (Subatomic Sound) backing me on the riddims & Super Hi-Fi live band!! Also featuring DJ Linh & DJ Lil Tiger. And it’s all FREE!! So, grab your costume and come down!! 10pm-4am @ Rose Live Music 345 Grand Ave, Williamsburg, BROOKLYN for more info, visit:


Well- it was actually official a few months back, I just hadn’t made an announcement yet. But I feel the time has come to make a change. The name  DJ Collage was just too confusing. In fact, many people didn’t even understand what I actually do. I kept getting asked “what type of music do you spin?” or “can you play my song on your radio show or out in the club?” You see, when I first started out as a performer, I was originally just Collage. But then I discovered 4 or 5 bands out already had that name. I briefly considered MC Collage but that name just didnt sound right to me. And since I started out in a reggae and west-indian flavored hip hop scene, a bredrin of mine said “Hey, how about DJ Collage?” You see, “DJ” in the reggae world is a vocalist and the person spinning tracks is called a “Selector”. And so the name was born. But once I left outside that community, many people just didn’t understand that. And it caused confusion year in and year out. It’s just time to change it. To have more successes, their has to be some clarity. And Chatman is my birth name, so it’s meant to be- right?!! Hopefully, no one will confuse Chatman with anything else but chatting. Now, I just gotta get people to spell it correctly- it’s MISTA not Mr. CHATMAN! LOL! Hopefully Chatman will go places that DJ Collage did not…BLESS UPP

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Ever since I made my first appearance at San Francisco’s Non Stop Bhangra nite in 2007, I have returned regularly to perform longside the NSB collective on the nite and in special events such as: Stern Grove music festival, Green festival, Best of the Bay 09, and more. And this summer, we took things up a notch by turning in impressive performances throughout world music festivals in cities: Reno, Pasadena, Los Angeles & Salmon Arm. So, with all these works & time in with the collective, many people are starting to ask me “how did you get involved with Non Stop Bhangra?”

Well, here’s how it happened: A few years ago, I was looking for places online to promote my punjabi flavored reggae hip-hop song “Crown Mi King”. I came across the site and that’s where I met Vicki Virk online and heard of the Non Stop Bhangra parties she was giving with her partner DJ Jimmy Love in SF. When I saw this, I thought to myself “wow, wouldn’t it be great if I could return to SF (I had relocated to Seattle) and get to perform on this bhangra nite!!” So I forwarded a copy of my song to Vicki. She responded with a favorable review and told me to keep up the good work. A couple of years went by and a dj friend of mine (Soulsalaam) came and played in Seattle from Brazil. When I went to see him, he informed me that he was headed to SF that weekend to play at a nite called Non Stop Bhangra. I told him that was a big coincidence because I was headed down to SF too that weekend for some other shows. So, he suggested that I come to the Non Stop Bhangra nite with him and do some reggae freestyles on the mic longside him. So I went and met Vicki, Jimmy, Dholrythms and all the NSB posse in person and the vibes just clicked with us all! And after I did a bit of reggae chatting on the mic longside Soulsalaam & Jimmy, I was asked to return to the nite to bring in that reggae flavor and the rest is history!! I have been a long time fan of Punjabi & Desi flavored dance music and knew that those forms of music had a relationship with dancehall reggae through artists like Apache Indian, Apache Scratchie & my main artist influence Super Cat. (Who is a Jamaican with East Indian roots) So, I am happy to be able to represent that flavor with Non Stop Bhangra because it is something I once only imagined being a part of and now I’m here. Proving the saying that things happen in time and when they’re supposed to….Namaste

And to get you inna Bhangramuffin mood, check out my new track SIDEWINDA on the Punjabi Dancehall riddim. This is the first track from upcoming EP- “pon di version”
SIDEWINDA by Mista Chatman

If you’re inna SF bay area, you can check me live & direct longside the Non Stop Bhangra collective on Sept. 18th at the Rickshaw Stop and the following weekend at Globalquerque: a world music festival in New Mexico.



Greetings everyone! Plasmodium radio has asked me to give a playlist of my top 20 jams of this summer. And as you could probably imagine, its a mixed bag of old & new trax crossing genres of Reggae, World, R&B, Dubstep & Hip-Hop. All of these trax mean sumtin to me this summer, and if you find a favorite track of yours too in there, go to the site and leave a comment telling me so! Okay? Alrite, here’s the list..

  1. Raise it Up – Delhi 2 Dublin feat Mista Chatman – D2D
  2. Beat of My Heart – Sean Paul – Legend/2Hard
  3. Free – Denise Williams – Columbia
  4. It’s a Shame – Alton Ellis – Splash UK
  5. Herbsman Hustling – Sugar Minott – Heartbeat
  6. Love Has Found it’s Way – Dennis Brown – A&M
  7. Long Time – Shaggy – Big Yard
  8. Got til it’s Gone – Janet Jackson – Virgin
  9. Lately – Sean Paul – VP/Atlantic
  10. The General – Jahdan Blakkamore – Dutty Artz
  11. Tekalick – Rx feat Mista Chatman – Abstract Logic
  12. Skillz – Gangstarr – Virgin/EMI
  13. I’m a Wonderful Thing – Kid Creole & The Coconuts – Island
  14. Something’s Gotta Give – Assassin – Legend/2Hard
  15. One More Night – Busy Signal – Star Player
  16. Tommy – Delhi 2 Dublin – D2D
  17. No Lock No Key feat DJ Collage –Filastine- Soot
  18. Chronicles – Subatomic Sound System feat Treasure Don – Subatomic Sound
  19. Human Nature – Tarrus Riley – Rhythm of Life Inc.
  20. Some Guys have all The Luck – Derrick Harriott – Chrystal

Okay, I hope you enjoy this list and remember if you have a favorite on this list, you can go to the Plasmodium site and leave a comment. You can check it here.


Yes good people! This Sunday Feb. 14th, I’ll be joining the Subatomic Sound System (NYC) for a special Valentines day show at Dub Mission in San Fran. Last time we rokked together was at the Danger Halloween party in Brooklyn last year. So get ready and tek set to hear more from tha 2 big mon pon di mic- Mista Chatman & Treasure Don over riddims laid down by Dr. Emch! Big tings a Gwaan inna SF- BRAP!

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