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Bringing raggamuffin flavor to Non Stop Bhangra- Mista Chatman chats to the beat of the Dhol!!

Ever since I made my first appearance at San Francisco’s Non Stop Bhangra nite in 2007, I have returned regularly to perform longside the NSB collective on the nite and in special events such as: Stern Grove music festival, Green festival, Best of the Bay 09, and more. And this summer, we took things up a notch by turning in impressive performances throughout world music festivals in cities: Reno, Pasadena, Los Angeles & Salmon Arm. So, with all these works & time in with the collective, many people are starting to ask me “how did you get involved with Non Stop Bhangra?”

Well, here’s how it happened: A few years ago, I was looking for places online to promote my punjabi flavored reggae hip-hop song “Crown Mi King”. I came across the site and that’s where I met Vicki Virk online and heard of the Non Stop Bhangra parties she was giving with her partner DJ Jimmy Love in SF. When I saw this, I thought to myself “wow, wouldn’t it be great if I could return to SF (I had relocated to Seattle) and get to perform on this bhangra nite!!” So I forwarded a copy of my song to Vicki. She responded with a favorable review and told me to keep up the good work. A couple of years went by and a dj friend of mine (Soulsalaam) came and played in Seattle from Brazil. When I went to see him, he informed me that he was headed to SF that weekend to play at a nite called Non Stop Bhangra. I told him that was a big coincidence because I was headed down to SF too that weekend for some other shows. So, he suggested that I come to the Non Stop Bhangra nite with him and do some reggae freestyles on the mic longside him. So I went and met Vicki, Jimmy, Dholrythms and all the NSB posse in person and the vibes just clicked with us all! And after I did a bit of reggae chatting on the mic longside Soulsalaam & Jimmy, I was asked to return to the nite to bring in that reggae flavor and the rest is history!! I have been a long time fan of Punjabi & Desi flavored dance music and knew that those forms of music had a relationship with dancehall reggae through artists like Apache Indian, Apache Scratchie & my main artist influence Super Cat. (Who is a Jamaican with East Indian roots) So, I am happy to be able to represent that flavor with Non Stop Bhangra because it is something I once only imagined being a part of and now I’m here. Proving the saying that things happen in time and when they’re supposed to….Namaste

And to get you inna Bhangramuffin mood, check out my new track SIDEWINDA on the Punjabi Dancehall riddim. This is the first track from upcoming EP- “pon di version”
SIDEWINDA by Mista Chatman

If you’re inna SF bay area, you can check me live & direct longside the Non Stop Bhangra collective on Sept. 18th at the Rickshaw Stop and the following weekend at Globalquerque: a world music festival in New Mexico.


One Response to “Bringing raggamuffin flavor to Non Stop Bhangra- Mista Chatman chats to the beat of the Dhol!!”

  1. Saturday nite was bangin inna Rickshaw Stop, SF!! Next week Globalquerque!!

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