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Valentine’s Day Special @ Dub Mission/ SF

February 11, 2010

Yes good people! This Sunday Feb. 14th, I’ll be joining the Subatomic Sound System (NYC) for a special Valentines day show at Dub Mission in San Fran. Last time we rokked together was at the Danger Halloween party in Brooklyn last year. So get ready and tek set to hear more from tha 2 big […]

WARNING- my unsung classic

November 30, 2009

This DJ Collage classic never got an official release. So what makes it classic? Well, from it’s recorded year of 2003 just up to last week it still gets the dancefloor moving everytime I perform it. It’s a great song that just simply needs MORE exposure. So, it’s here on Soundcloud for the world to […]

Soulico & Chatman inna Seattle!

November 7, 2009

Tings really heated up when Mr. Chatman joined Soulico onstage for their last track of their Seattle show last Thursday! Chatman was the opening act for Soulico at this Chop Suey show and had to join them to get in on their energy! After this tune, I was ready to fly away to Tel Aviv […]

Chatman’s countdown to Halloween!!!

October 23, 2009

Funny thing is, I went several years without even celebrating Halloween. And when I did, I would be one of those guys who would go somewhere w/o a costume, then wish I had worn one when I saw others having fun in theirs. Well, that’s changed over the past couple years. I have gotten into […]

Big Mon Now Remix on Soundcloud

August 14, 2009

Yay! I can finally post my Soundcloud music player on my blog. It didn’t work before, but now itz all good…here’s a remix of “Big Mon Now” from Marathon Man……

Marathon Man a cometh!

May 9, 2009

    I know, I know. People have heard me talk about this Marathon Man project for some time now, and I’m the first to admit that it’s about 6 months late! Sorry bout that  but times are tuff and I am a unsigned, non-rich, indie artist utilizing the internet to get my music to […]

Musical Best 7″ single

May 7, 2009

  Musical Best on Soundcloud  Musical Best is my 7″ vinyl single from 2001 and the second release on my indie label, Masse-One Records. My 5track CD ep “Uptown/Downtown” was the first. And while Uptown/Downtown recieved nuff radio airplay and positive reviews throughout the global reggae community, Musical Best wasn’t as fortunate. It did recieve […]

Dehli2Dublin featuring DJ Collage aka Mr. Chatman!!!

March 26, 2008

Since last October, I have been a featured guest of the Celtic/Bhangra fusion band outta B.C.- Dehli2Dublin. I am featured on their latest CD with the track “Celtic Dub” and we have performed together now a few times in Canada and California. This is an awesome band full of nuff energy and I enjoy it […]

My tune “Bombay Rokk” is the featured World Fusion track of the day on Garageband!!

March 22, 2008

While I was down in SF this past weekend, a friend of mine joked about how many music/social networking sites I’m listed on. (5, I think) One of those music sites is Garageband, which was the first I signed up on. Anyways, my track “Bombay Rokk” is the World Fusion track of the day on […]

DJ Collage shows-St. Patricks day weekend

March 8, 2008

Wow, I haven’t had a St. Patricks Day weekend be so exciting! (well, not since the one in Paris 6yrs ago-but that’s another story…) Anyways, I’ll be travelling down to SF for some awesome upcoming shows then coming back home for Jam Jam right on St. Paddy’s day! Alrite then, here are the deets for […]