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Bringing raggamuffin flavor to Non Stop Bhangra- Mista Chatman chats to the beat of the Dhol!!

September 18, 2010

Ever since I made my first appearance at San Francisco’s Non Stop Bhangra nite in 2007, I have returned regularly to perform longside the NSB collective on the nite and in special events such as: Stern Grove music festival, Green festival, Best of the Bay 09, and more. And this summer, we took things up […]

DJ Collage longside Dehli2Dublin rokk Bumbershoot09!!

September 11, 2009

Celtic-Bhangra fusionists Dehli2Dublin w/ DJ Collage perform “Raise it Up” at Bumbershoot09 in Seattle at Fisher Green stage. Wikkid vibes!! Bless Up…

Going back to Cali: SF gets re-introduced to the “Chatman”

March 10, 2009

Nearly 6 years ago, I relocated from the California bay area to the pacific northwest. At the time when I left, I felt that I had reached a limit as to where I could go musically and personally in that area. So who knew that 6yrs later I would get re-introduced to the area and […]

Dehli2Dublin featuring DJ Collage aka Mr. Chatman!!!

March 26, 2008

Since last October, I have been a featured guest of the Celtic/Bhangra fusion band outta B.C.- Dehli2Dublin. I am featured on their latest CD with the track “Celtic Dub” and we have performed together now a few times in Canada and California. This is an awesome band full of nuff energy and I enjoy it […]

My tune “Bombay Rokk” is the featured World Fusion track of the day on Garageband!!

March 22, 2008

While I was down in SF this past weekend, a friend of mine joked about how many music/social networking sites I’m listed on. (5, I think) One of those music sites is Garageband, which was the first I signed up on. Anyways, my track “Bombay Rokk” is the World Fusion track of the day on […]