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Mista Chatman heads to JAMAICA!!


Yush!! Bless Upp fam! Just letting u know that I’ll be heading down to Jamaica next week for a few days of relaxing at the beach and taking in the vibes of the current dancehall trends & soundsystems. Will try and have nuff pics for u to check out. Also, I’m having a sendoff party at JAM JAM 2moro, so if you’re in Seakkle come check us out and Baltic Room- 1207 Pine from 9pm to 2am. Music by Zions Gate Sound longside yours truly (Mista Chatman) pon di mic! So come buy me a drink, shake off mi hand and send mi pon mi wey!! Riiiigght! Likkle more….


3 Responses to “Mista Chatman heads to JAMAICA!!”

  1. Much success if you decide to grab the MIC while on the beachfront.

    Kewl Runnins my Bro…

  2. The timestamp on my last Post is whack; it was 0932 EST

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