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Pon Di Version: Mista Chatman returns to the Dancehall

December 15, 2010

A few months ago, I decided to change my performance name to Mista Chatman from DJ Collage. And as DJ Collage, I was more focused on chatting ragga lyrics over various productions from electronic producers. But after nuff soul searching and conversations with a few close friends, it was revealed that as an artist, I […]

Bringing raggamuffin flavor to Non Stop Bhangra- Mista Chatman chats to the beat of the Dhol!!

September 18, 2010

Ever since I made my first appearance at San Francisco’s Non Stop Bhangra nite in 2007, I have returned regularly to perform longside the NSB collective on the nite and in special events such as: Stern Grove music festival, Green festival, Best of the Bay 09, and more. And this summer, we took things up […]

Mic Diplomat- jamming w/Ghislain Poirier

April 23, 2009

Yush! Big tings a gwaan when I  performed in 2 shows of the Ghislain Poirier Soca Soundsystem tour last week. It was my first time performing  (and even meeting in person) with the Montreal based beatmaker since our recording of  the song Mic Diplomat  a few years ago. The first show took place @ Thursday Ting! in East Van and the second @ […]