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Well- it was actually official a few months back, I just hadn’t made an announcement yet. But I feel the time has come to make a change. The name  DJ Collage was just too confusing. In fact, many people didn’t even understand what I actually do. I kept getting asked “what type of music do you spin?” or “can you play my song on your radio show or out in the club?” You see, when I first started out as a performer, I was originally just Collage. But then I discovered 4 or 5 bands out already had that name. I briefly considered MC Collage but that name just didnt sound right to me. And since I started out in a reggae and west-indian flavored hip hop scene, a bredrin of mine said “Hey, how about DJ Collage?” You see, “DJ” in the reggae world is a vocalist and the person spinning tracks is called a “Selector”. And so the name was born. But once I left outside that community, many people just didn’t understand that. And it caused confusion year in and year out. It’s just time to change it. To have more successes, their has to be some clarity. And Chatman is my birth name, so it’s meant to be- right?!! Hopefully, no one will confuse Chatman with anything else but chatting. Now, I just gotta get people to spell it correctly- it’s MISTA not Mr. CHATMAN! LOL! Hopefully Chatman will go places that DJ Collage did not…BLESS UPP

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