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Chatman’s countdown to Halloween!!!

October 23, 2009

Funny thing is, I went several years without even celebrating Halloween. And when I did, I would be one of those guys who would go somewhere w/o a costume, then wish I had worn one when I saw others having fun in theirs. Well, that’s changed over the past couple years. I have gotten into […]

Oct12th- DJ Collage/Libra Birthday Bash @ JAM JAM!!

October 5, 2009

All Seattleites and all Libras! Come celebrate with your underated raggamuffin mic chatta for my birthday bash @ JAM JAM on Oct. 12th at Baltic Room. Special guest will be Dr. Rock (Great Stone Soundsystem) outta Bellingham playing longside resident Selecta Element. Expect to hear reggae classics & roots revival and even a short performance […]

DJ Collage longside Dehli2Dublin rokk Bumbershoot09!!

September 11, 2009

Celtic-Bhangra fusionists Dehli2Dublin w/ DJ Collage perform “Raise it Up” at Bumbershoot09 in Seattle at Fisher Green stage. Wikkid vibes!! Bless Up…

Mother Earth- Dubtribe feat DJ Collage

June 15, 2009

Since we’re on the subject of rediscovered music & artists, I figured I could throw one my own in. This track with Dubtribe was my first time hearing my voice on vinyl! I remember how excited I was when I first heard SF DJ- Jeno play it at his apartment! During the early 90’s when […]

Become a DJ Collage fan on facebook..

June 1, 2009

…and get info on upcoming shows and random goodness about other music and stuff I’m into. You’ll also get links to free mp3’s of rare and unreleased music I’ve worked on over the years. Tons of demo tracks remastered from cassette soon coming up, so come join in on tha fun…don’t sleep anymore!! Click on tha […]

Mic Diplomat- jamming w/Ghislain Poirier

April 23, 2009

Yush! Big tings a gwaan when I  performed in 2 shows of the Ghislain Poirier Soca Soundsystem tour last week. It was my first time performing  (and even meeting in person) with the Montreal based beatmaker since our recording of  the song Mic Diplomat  a few years ago. The first show took place @ Thursday Ting! in East Van and the second @ […]

Wickedsquad feat DJ Collage “Domo-Kun-Bogle” video!! (2003)

April 8, 2009

Wow, you never know what you will run into online these days! Just doing a search, I discovered this ultra rare gem someone posted on Youtube. Back in the early 2000’s, I used to mc a ragga/jungle nite in Vienna, Austria called “Wicked”. It is run by my friend Gerd (aka Spaceant) who also owns […]

Going back to Cali: SF gets re-introduced to the “Chatman”

March 10, 2009

Nearly 6 years ago, I relocated from the California bay area to the pacific northwest. At the time when I left, I felt that I had reached a limit as to where I could go musically and personally in that area. So who knew that 6yrs later I would get re-introduced to the area and […]

Collaborations 09′

March 7, 2009

Most of you out there know that I’ve made a name for myself by my collaborations w/other artists.  (go check my updated discography @ discogs) And here in 09, I’ve kept up the tradition by appearing on 2 new releases: Filastine’s “Dirty Bomb” and 60 Channels “Counter Evolution (Angel remix)”. The track on Filastine’s CD that […]

DJ Collage rocks the NW w/Collie Buddz!!!

November 5, 2008

Big up Massive! I recently had the opportunity to be the opening act on 2 dates of the Collie Buddz shows in the Northwest. 2 shows @ Nectar in Seattle. I was a solo act backed by DJ’s Kid Hops and Element.  This was an awesome experience and was good to link up with all the crew! […]