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shots from THE PARLOR


Back in 2006, I completed a 12 track recording that I called ‘The Parlor”. It was due to be released that summer on a Seattle- based indie label. But right before the release, miscommunications broke out between me and the label and I decided not to release it with them after all. Never getting a proper release, I only sold it at live performances. And while it got nice reviews from publications like The Stranger and Seattle weeky, the local electronic community didn’t bite. One on-line heckler even said the CD was so weak that I “gave it out to whoever would talk to me”. But still the CD did get some minor airplay on several different KEXP programs and was eventually licensed to Third Side Music in Montreal for music placement in television programs. Recently, a track from it was used in “Webdreams”- a Canadian reality show about the porn industry and the track “Satisfaction” will be used in an upcoming Fuel TV wakeboarding program.

These tracks my favorite moments from The Parlor, so if u missed it the first time, tune in and enjoy…


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