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The end of the 80’s….John Hughes RIP..

John Hughes 01

Well, I read online earlier this year that this would be the last year for 80’s styles and flashbacks since next year will mark 20 years past the classic decade. And with losing an 80’s musical icon such as Michael Jackson, and today losing John Hughes, I might just have to accept it is over. I was definitely a product of the 80’s and experimented with my gheri curls, waves and a shag. (A Shag was a mullet for black ppl, think Lionel Ritchie) And I was a huge fan of the John Hughes movies such as: Pretty in Pink, Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, etc. and had a pretty big crush on Molly Ringwald. And altho these movies portrayed a very different Chicago from which I saw, I still related to the “coming of age” stories and how the music soundtrack was very important to the storyline and as important as the movie itself. I do truly miss what those movies symbolized, cos times are truly different these days. Oh well, I do have Pretty in Pink on DVD, which I think I’ll watch  tonite in dedication to John Hughes and his classic “coming of age” Chicago movies….RIP


One Response to “The end of the 80’s….John Hughes RIP..”

  1. Will miss the king of the 80’s movies…

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