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Michael Jackson…never can say goodbye 1958-2009


Wow, I can’t really believe he’s gone. Simply the BEST entertainer of all time. I am a longtime MJ fan and remember dancing to his 45’s when I was a child, dancing to Billie Jean for a high school performance and I also remember watching that Motown 25 show when he debuts the moonwalk. That performance was so moving, it seemed to rise above anything that was humanly possible. I even had one of those  red “Beat It” jackets with the zip off sleeves. And I remember watching Thriller over and over when it first came out.  I was very happy to hear about his upcoming sold out shows in London and wanted to see him bring it back. Maybe a bit selfish, but I wanted to see & hear another hit album from him and to come back and reclaim the throne one more time. Sadly, this wasn’t meant to be. What we gonna do now w/o our king of pop?? I know there are another million blogs and postings like mine, but if you come across this one, please drop a comment and share your favorite MJ moment….RIP Michael Jackson, we will always love you and there could NEVER be another….


One Response to “Michael Jackson…never can say goodbye 1958-2009”

  1. Watch the Merv Griffin “Dancing Machine” video on Youtube. My god, he could move. And you know Joe’s like “You done show boated, now get in line with your brother and let them do the robot too.” And you see what happens…

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