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Mother Earth- Dubtribe feat DJ Collage

Since we’re on the subject of rediscovered music & artists, I figured I could throw one my own in. This track with Dubtribe was my first time hearing my voice on vinyl! I remember how excited I was when I first heard SF DJ- Jeno play it at his apartment! During the early 90’s when I first arrived to the west coast, I performed extensively with this breakbeat duo Dubtribe (Sunshine & Moonbeam) and eventually made this recording. It was released on Organico records in 93′ and was a big underground club hit at it’s time. It also laid the foundation for my ragga/fusion collaborations which I still do to this very day. Another bit of trivia regarding this record was that the first original 500 pressings were all warped. LOL!  So everyone, take a listen and enjoy some of my works from the past…One Love


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