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Love’s Coming at Ya…Melba Moore


Ah yes- another episode of the awesome show UNSUNG highlighted the career of Melba Moore last nite. I have been very familiar with Melba’s name for a long time but didn’t know much of her music outside of the 80’s R&B hit: “Love’s Coming at Ya”. After watching the special, I can understand why that was. Her career had many starts and stops and not really a consistent flow. This was not because of her talent, (she’s got an amazing voice) but more due to being misled, ripped off and poor management. But she has stayed strong and is still out there making yet another comeback. And I found a link  where you can download  her 1982 album- “The other side of the Rainbow” which contains my favorite hit by her- “Love’s Coming at Ya”. Just click on her picture above and it’ll take you there. Enjoy and remember next week’s UNSUNG features one of my all time favorite bands- Shalamar!!! Better check it….Peace


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