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Back down Memory Lane…Minnie Riperton


Ever since I caught TVONE‘s series on underated artists called UNSUNG a few months back, I was hoping that they would continue the series. They had highlighted artists DeBarge, The Clark Sisters, Donnie Hathaway & Phyllis Hyman (who I previously blogged about) giving background information on them  that was not all previously known. At least not to me. So imagine my joy when I heard a few weeks ago that the show was coming back on with a new crop of underappreciated artists to shed some new light on. Well, it came back on last night with a great special on the very talented Minnie Riperton.  I hadn’t known much about her outside of her amazing passionate voice and my favorite songs by her, “Loving You” and “Back Down Memory Lane”. However, I do remember when she passed away from cancer in 1979, cos all the R&B radio stations in Chicago were playing her song  and many of the adults I knew were all upset like they had lost a close personal friend. Well- after seeing the Unsung program, I can understand why. Not only did she have the voice of an angel, she had the spirit of one too. She found a man that she fell in love with, had beautiful children (her daughter Maya Rudolph was a regular on SNL for many seasons) and continued her love & passion for her music until she was too ill to carry on. So make sure you all out there check out this program cos it is simply AMAZING. To TVONE- I love this series and hope you continue it. I will be watching the next few weeks for sure….Bless 


3 Responses to “Back down Memory Lane…Minnie Riperton”

  1. I’ve been listening to Ms. Riperton for a week straight now.. she was extremely gifted singer.. one of a kind.. i miss her and i wasn’t even born back then.. i was 5 years too late

    • I second that emotion. I remember my mom listening to some records and me looking thru her albums and seeing this pretty lady and asking my mom to play her record, I was about 11. I think this is when I realized I had emotions for other folks. When my om told me her story and that she had a daughter, I burst out crying. My mother said “what in the world is wrong with you.” I kept on crying and then I handed my mother the photo album & she understood. I’m in the middle of writing an essay & I was using the term “Back down Memory Lane.” And here I am 25 years later, about to cry again. Much Love to the Rudolph and Riperton family,

  2. yep

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