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Marathon Man a cometh!



I know, I know. People have heard me talk about this Marathon Man project for some time now, and I’m the first to admit that it’s about 6 months late! Sorry bout that  but times are tuff and I am a unsigned, non-rich, indie artist utilizing the internet to get my music to reach audiences. But the project will be coming at ya soon, I promise! And here is an online sampler of 4 tracks from the release. Some of them you have heard already, like the punjabi flavored Bombay Rokk which struck a chord in the world music underground since last fall by recieving top user reviews on the online music site Garageband and even made World Fusion track of the week  on the site. There is also a new crunchy, crunk-y remix of the track  Big Mon Now. The original recieved top reviews on Garageband as well. I still can’t get the Soundcloud player to embed in my blog here, so you gotta check tha link. You can click on my image above and it’ll take you there. And do remember, the Marathon Man still cometh!!!  Soon come…


Tracks from the Marathon Man


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