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Wickedsquad feat DJ Collage “Domo-Kun-Bogle” video!! (2003)

Wow, you never know what you will run into online these days! Just doing a search, I discovered this ultra rare gem someone posted on Youtube. Back in the early 2000’s, I used to mc a ragga/jungle nite in Vienna, Austria called “Wicked”. It is run by my friend Gerd (aka Spaceant) who also owns a comic book/toy store called Runch Comics on Mariahilferstrasse. In 2003, him and his dj partner Duke decided to press their first 12″ single on their own label Wicked Vinyl. The track “Domo-Kun-Bogle” was Wicked Vinyl01 and it was voiced myself, MC Sas (UK) & Raggamafia (AT). It was a limited pressing that sold out and made a lil’ noise in tha underground. This video was shot by Ines (aka SickChick) using toy figures that all came from Gerd’s collection. They even made a Collage figure! Biggups to the Wickedsquad, Ines, Flex, Aladin & all Wien massive…can’t wait to come back, can’t believe it’s been so long! BTW, their new release “Wicked Vinyl 06”, features lyrics from di original ragga-junglist don- General Levy. Check dem on MySpace.



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