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Dehli2Dublin, Non-Stop Bhangra Collective in SF!


Last month saw the return of Dehli2Dublin @ Non Stop Bhangra in San Francisco. Fresh from their SXSW showcase, they touched down inna place and set it ablaze as always with their highly energetic, infectious stage show. It was also the first time inna while that I shared the stage with them. We rocked out a re-vamped version of the tune “Raise it Up” and the staple combination “Celtic Dub”. Reminding the massive that it is truly “a worldwide ting….”. The NSB Collective represented as well with a short set and Dohlrythms ladies looking lovely as always!


Biggups to Dehli2Dublin and remember that you can check me on their current CD: Dehli2Dublin (remixed) with the tune: “Celtic Dub (David Starfire’s Dubwizer Dubliner remix)”. You can hear the song here. Stay tuned….


5 Responses to “Dehli2Dublin, Non-Stop Bhangra Collective in SF!”

  1. Big up’s to the chatman…you know, without the chat man…none of the real reggae bizness come to SF!

  2. Big Ups to tha Jimmy Love!!!

  3. And Chatman battled a demon and won.

  4. Yes Kytami! Thank U for that xtra push…

  5. __D2D_________________________________________________
    (‘these ARE the droids we’re looking for’)


    right you are. it don’t come ruff un less mista
    chatman sparx it up on the talkboxxx.. keep pasting
    the splashes of verbal colour all over the WestCoast canvas,
    my good man.


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