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Collaborations 09′

Most of you out there know that I’ve made a name for myself by my collaborations w/other artists.  (go check my updated discography @ discogs) And here in 09, I’ve kept up the tradition by appearing on 2 new releases: Filastine’s “Dirty Bomb” and 60 Channels “Counter Evolution (Angel remix)”.

Filastine's Dirty Bomb CD

Filastine's Dirty Bomb CD

The track on Filastine’s CD that I appear on is called: “No Lock No Key” and has elements of electronica, glitch, indian & ragga music in it. I have it up as the first track on my MySpace page, so go check it out and see wha I mean….and maybe I’ll see you @ the Dirty Bomb CD release party in Seattle on April 11th @ Chop Suey. Inna meantime, go visit Filastine and cop that Dirty Bomb CD, it’s available worl’wide…

60 Channels- Counter Evolution (Angel Remix)

60 Channels- Counter Evolution (Angel Remix)

 The track Counter Evolution first appeared on the 60 Channel’s CD: “Covert Movements” from a few years back featuring vocals from myself and Karen Grant. Now, The Angel has taken the track and reworked it into a wikkid dubstep flavored riddim fresh for 09! And altho my lyrical flows from the original aren’t in the remix, my presence is still felt inna track. Go check it, It’s available digitally through The Angel’s imprint: Supa Crucial Recordings and you can hear it and get more info via their MySpace page. Much respects to these artists for having me involved in their releases and there’s more to come….Bless


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