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Remembering Phyllis Hyman


Like many people out there, I saw the Unsung program on TVONE last week  that highlighted the life of  singer Phyllis Hyman. Growing up, I was always a fan of Phyllis’s voice but didn’t know alot about her life. This program showcased her incredible genius, charismatic personality and  passion towards her singing.  And even with her massive amount of  talent, record companies still had difficulty promoting her. It also  showed her background life and problems with bi-polar disorder and how she turned to drugs, alcohol & food to self medicate herself up til her tragic  suicide in the 90’s.  Its such a sad tale that unfortunately we’ve heard before with other artists. But her underated, underappreciated music still lives on. Much respect to TVONE for giving us this program and I’ve linked my favorite Phyllis Hyman song here, the late 70’s soul/disco classic: “You Know How To Love Me”. RIP Phyllis Hyman……


3 Responses to “Remembering Phyllis Hyman”

  1. I have loved Phyllis Hyman’s unique style and beautiful voice since hearing the song, “Old Friend” when if first came out. One might say I’m “obssessed” with her life and her death. She was such a vibrant, classy, and talented lady, it’s so hard for me to phyatom her taking her life because she felt she had nothing more to give and no one to truly love her. If fancinates me in a sense that she held on to the philosophy that if you don’t want to be of this world any longer, you have every right to leave it. No matter what anyone else feels or says, it is your life and your right to end it. I always believe, however, that God will take you when He’s ready not when you are. It’s so sad to think but God knew how much pain she was in and felt she would be better off with Him. I miss her so much. She will always be a true artist and a consumate performer. If only we could turn back time . . . . . Phyllis, you are sorely missed and I will always have the utmost respect for you and you’re talent.

  2. Thank U for leaving this comment. I agree with u, Phyllis was a true and complete artist that left this world too soon. Today’s bubblegum R&B “cookie cutter” acts just don’t measure up in my opinion. Nuff respects to TVONE for having the Unsung program which highlights these overlooked artists. The series returned today with a highlight on Minnie Riperton, whom I’m gonna blog about next. Stay tuned….

  3. I am from pittsburgh, pa, I remember when she first came on a program in pittsburgh,. I just loved her beautiful personality. I know about mental illness. It is painful. When u have this disease, no amount of money or fame will make u happy. God Bless this beautiful sister who was inside and out. God loves all his children, people do not judge. If u have not walk in her shoes, don’t judge. Just love her and pray for her soul and her family, In Jesus name we pray.

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