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Bombay Rokk is World Fusion “track of the week” on Garageband!

 Bombay Rokk was “Track of the Day” on Garageband a few months back and now it makes Track of the week! That means starting today Sept.22, it will be featured on Garageband’s World Fusion home page for the entire week. This ragga meets raga meets hip-hop track got this reward straight from reviews from the listeners. On Garageband, people can make reviews on your music and help it climb (or drop off) the charts. Personally, I think it can be helpful to get reviews and comments from people who don’t know me  because it can help help me get a feel for what the public is vibing on. I have learned alot by reading the reviews for my music on Garageband. Big Ups to all those who reviewed this track! Mr. Chatman is a representative of the Worldwide Music Fusion Movement-Ragga, Bhangra, Hip-Hop, Glitch, Dub, Grime…I love it all….Nuff Respects!

Also! For the entire week, Bombay Rokk will be offered as a free mp3 download via the Garageband site. You can get there by clicking on the “Track of the Week” badge below. And hold tite for the upcoming “Marathon Man” release…Fall 08’…Namaste


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