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Dehli2Dublin featuring DJ Collage aka Mr. Chatman!!!

Since last October, I have been a featured guest of the Celtic/Bhangra fusion band outta B.C.- Dehli2Dublin. I am featured on their latest CD with the track “Celtic Dub” and we have performed together now a few times in Canada and California. This is an awesome band full of nuff energy and I enjoy it everytime I step on stage with them. The latest time was at the Non Stop Bhangra party in SF over the St. Patricks Day weekend and it was MASSIVE! Don’t take it from me, check the youtube clip up above and see for yourself. Also check the other clips available on youtube from this nite and other nites at the event. And check D2D in my top friends and go peep Celtic Dub. So, maximum respects to my D2D/Canadian family- Tarun, Kytami, Sanjay, Ravi and Andrew. Glad to be a part and I look forward to the next show……

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