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Vintage Collage- the “Boogie & Bop” ep

During my guest performing on the Sofa Surfers “Encounters” tour throughout Europe in 2002, I carried this ep as solo merch to sell on the tour. Didn’t really sell that many and even had to leave a bunch of them at a friend’s apt. in Vienna. But yesterday, I pulled it out and starting vibing on it all over again. Recorded in San Francisco and Oakland in 2001, this 3 track ep was another phase of my dancehall meets hiphop musical experiments. I loaded up 2 tracks from the ep to MySpace yesterday but enjoy the sound from my other music page on Soundclick a bit more. So, I’m providing a link to go and check out the tunes. One of the songs (Play it Back Again), touched off Soundclick’s dancehall charts at #24 upon entry! Enjoy….


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