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Dehli2Dublin rocks Van-City!!!

Well, yunno how I’m always coming a bit late with the posts….So, it is already inna new year and this show took place December 13th in Vancouver. It was the Dehli2Dublin CD release party. Just as the name of the band states, it’s a cross between Celtic music & Indian Punjabi music. Tarun & Kytami who I played with in the Workless party are in the crew along with Sanjay (vox), Rav E (dhol, preshna (guitar) & Adam who was helping out that nite. I am a guest vocalist on the new CD, contributing ragga vocals to the song “Celtic Dub”, so I was invited up to Van to perform in the release party. And what a party it was! 400plus ppl came out to the Red Room downtown to celebrate the release. Jacob Cino (Third Eye Tribe) & Sunskript also rocked it out live on the lyrical tip right before I came out and did my thing. Nuff respects to the D2D crew and we’ll be ramming it up again later this month!! To hear “Celtic Dub” or some of their other selections, just go and visit them on MySpace. You can also see a snippet of us ramming up “Celtic Dub” live by following this link. “It’s a worl’wide ting, it’s a worl’ wide ting….”


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