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Oct. 20th: Work Less party inna Canada


After an awesome after hours party performance in Seattle last Friday nite, (I went on at 3am!) I headed up to BC to perform at the Work Less Masquerade Ball in Vancouver. I was an invited member of the T Spoon & Suga Soundsystem. T Spoon also heads another group called Dehli2Dublin, and their new CD is probably one of the most inspiring discs of world music fusion I’ve ever heard. I am a guest on their new CD and the track we do together, (Celtic Dub) is a straight up mix of Celtic, Bhangra, Dance, Dub, and Ragga all in one. I never thought I’d hear my voice over a fiddle, but it all works like a charm. I’ll post samples once it’s all done. But back to the party, the soundsystem was made up of Kytami (fiddle player from Dehli2Dublin), Sunskript, Gopi (dhol drum player), myself & T Spoon. It was a masquerade ball so we were all in costume. Mine was kinda like a space pimp with a silver hat, star etched shades (think Bootsy Collins 70’s era), white shirt & pants and a star necklace. Sandy Dee went with me and she was dressed as a saucy devil. And T Spoon dressed as a teaspoon made from aluminum foil! Anyways, the party took place inna huge auditorium (Japanese Hall) and was pretty packed at about 1,000 peeps. The sound system didn’t seem to be quite adequate for the room, so there were sound issues for most of the nite. But the fun of the party and our vibe onstage rose above it. It was great trading verses alongside MC Sunskript and Kytami simply slayed the place with her engaging fiddle playing. And T Spoon’s mix of funk, dancehall, bhangra and breaks riddims kept the place jumping! We even threw in 2 original Collage riddims and I did 2 new songs for the massive dem. (The sound played on….& Bombay Rokk) Good times fe real! There’s a possibilty for some Dheli2Dublin shows that will be coming up inna near future, I’ll keep u posted….



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