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San Francisco- we did it again!!!

Alright, I’m late again with the blogging. But I’ve got some things to share, so I’m gonna bring ya up to date. (to all those even reading this) This post is regarding my recent San Francisco performances: Oct. 13-14. So, here goes….It all started on Friday nite when me & Sandy Dee arrived in SF after a 5 hour plane delay. We checked into our hotel and immediately went out to see the world travelling mashup DJ/Producer- Maga Bo at a club called Madrone. I had just performed with Maga Bo in Seattle the nite before, so I got on the mic a sec to run some vibes in SF as we had in Seattle. It was cool but really hot in the club and we were tired from the trip so I didn’t hang too late.


The next nite (Saturday, Oct.13th) was my first show. It took place at Temple niteclub in downtown SF. I was booked to chat the mic alongside my lyrical partner in crime down there, Emcee Child over the crucial dubstep sounds of Benga & Hatcha straight outta London. It was super hott!! B&H totally DESTROYED it. Definitely took the crowd on a Dubstep journey which even was branching away from the typical sounds often heard in the genre. The crowd was pretty packed and the energy was super hype. Also playing that nite was local Selector Dub-U & DJG. Unfortunately I missed DJG’s set but was there for Dub-U. He threw down a pretty wikkid set too and as far as rocking the mic goes, I think I had a bit more fun rocking over Dub-U’s riddims. Also on the bill was Martyn from the Netherlands who kept the party going untill wee hours of the morning. All in all, an excellent event in San Francisco. Nuff respects to Surefire productions, Miro, Emcee Child, Selector Dub-U, DJG, Martyn, Benga & Hatcha, and all the SF Dubstep massive & crew!!! Now, here’s a Youtube clip of the nite and a couple pics of me & Child. Enjoy!



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