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My Decibel festival debut…

Last weekend was the annual Decibel electronic festival here in Seattle. This year was my first in attendance for any of it and my first to perform in it. Nuff respects to Truckasauras for having guest spot on their nite at Nuemo’s on last Friday nite. It was cool to see the techno kids get loose and wave up their hands during our live version of the tune “Hold On” that we recorded together last year. And for the last song of their set, Truck brought me back onstage one more time and we tried out a new tune that we’d just put together the nite before! It took it a second to lock inna groove but when it did, it was pure fiyah! Someone captured part of it on video and it’s on Youtube, but they stopped the recording before it got to the really good parts. I also got to rock with Taal Mala the next day @ Baltic Room. We only did one together and it was brief and slightly disjointed, but the vibe caught on and many peeps told me how much they enjoyed it. Due to previous engagements, I didn’t get to see much more of the festival after that but respects to all the people I did see play: Truckasauras, NdCv, Novatron, Electrosect, Logic Probe, Taal Mala & Lowfish. Like I said earlier, Decibel is an annual electronic festival that hosts artists from all over the world. So who knows? Maybe next year I’ll be inna mix again. And maybe with a solo set that time.


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