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Yellowman in Seattle!!!

collageyellow.jpgLast nite I had the pleasure to open a show for the original “King” of the dancehall, Yellowman in Seattle. With selections run by DJ Element, I performed some classic old skool styled toasting over classic reggae riddims. I also had 2 original songs in the set: “Red Carpet” and a new dancehall tune fi bus- “Gimme Sum”. But the CD player started to skip, so I didn’t get to perform the tunes but gave the crowd one verse of Red Carpet acapella style. This part was pure murder! Easily my favorite part of my set. Afterwards, Element kept it hot with some dancehall juggling till the Sagitarius band took the stage. Then out came King Yellowman, full of energy & vibes and kept the Nectar lounge rocking for a couple hours long. Back in the green room, we all chilled and he did a nice shout out for Element and took a photo with me. (My new cameraphone is crappy, so the pic isn’t that great) Still-All in all, a really nice evening in Seattle…..respeck


2 Responses to “Yellowman in Seattle!!!”

  1. Good to see you posting again!

  2. Bigg Upp! I’m gonna try and post more often. Good to see u checking in! Laterz….

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