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SF Rocks!!!

Alrite, alrite. I know I’ve been slacking. I should’ve put this blog up days ago but better late than never- right??!! Anyways, just a biggupp to the San Francisco massive dem for last weekend. It was truly off the chain!! Starting with the wicked Grime City nite on 4/20 (perfect date fi Collage- yes!), running up to the Non-Stop Bhangra party the nite after, and then the closing nite Sunday nite Dubmission at the Elbo Room. It was really hard to believe this was the same place I moved from 3+ years ago. Well, it does look the same but the vibes are way bigger. So, let me take a moment and shout out some peeps who showed nuff love: Jeremy aka Subtek (thanks for bringing me down to Grime City-was wikkid!), Mikebee, Emcee Child (original UK bad bwoy-bigg upp yu chest, Collage love onnu!), Jamin, Enzyme, Miro (wikkid pics bro-we’ll be in touch), and all Grime City massive. Next: DJ Jimmy Love & Viki (Non Stop Bhangra is top level, hope we link up for BC), Manneesh the Twister (2 nites of Collage for you-ha, ha), Kush Aurora (nice vibes- will link soon), DJ/VJ Amar, and all Non Stop Bhangra posse. There’s more: DJ Sep (thanks for having me back at Dubmission), Selector Ron Shockman, Soulsalaam (it was real bro, Seattle to SF vibes), Elan & Ryan (that afternoon we hung out was some old skool SF vibes for real- biggupp!), DJ Specific, Malcom (great sound that nite-1Love), Nyambezi, Lake Merritt Bakery ( I still love the 3 piece chicken meal but when did the service get so slow?), Weirdfish resteraunt/SF, and any other peeps I forgot- It was truly unintentional. Alrite Yay area- large up yuself! And till we meet again- Gun Salute- Bo! Bo! Bo! For more pics of Grime City, click here.


One Response to “SF Rocks!!!”

  1. ya man Collage…it was (is) real…
    hope you had a safe trip back.
    i am back in brazil now.
    soon come we mashitup!
    Peace, S:O:U:L

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