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DJ Collage remixes Austrian club/pop band- Blockwerk!


Bless Up massive-
Those of you that know me have probably heard at some point about my vocal contributions to many a Viennese production. Groups like Sofa Surfers, Stereotyp, Megablast, etc. But this time the tables are turned: Vienna’s upcoming breakthrough club/pop group Blockwerk- came to me for a full remix for their new single “Straight Forward”. Beatwise, I took the track and revisted some past Chi-Town house music roots when house music was ghetto, dutty, raw and really underground. (the famed Muzik Box was located on lower Michigan ave) And vocally, it allowed me to revisit the ragga/dance formula that I first explored on the now classic dance track- “Mother Earth” by Dubtribe.

This single is being released on the Oddtime record label and is currently available through several online retailers (including I-Tunes) as a digital download purchase and the vinyl will be available inna couple weeks through Soul Seduction distribution. It also includes the original version and other remixes by Erik Sumo (Hungary), Electric Indigo (Vienna) & Brazilian DJ- BKR. Below I’m including links to sample the song, the I-Tunes link & more info on Blockwerk. Maximum respects go out Blockwerk for including me on this wicked project…

Straight Forward on Clickgroove (2min sample of the song on this page)

Straight Forward on I-Tunes

Straight Forward on Soul Seduction distribution

Blockwerk website

genießen Sie diese Musik!!!


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